Paid Social Media


Many companies make mistakes with social media by saying what they want to say, rather than what their audience actually want to hear.

At Fountain, we specialise in engaging your audience.

We leverage our creativity and your passion to ensure your audience interact with you for all the right reasons.

It’s all about return on investment.

Our social media experts will drive home your key messages to consumers, targeted by age, location, gender and interests. Our expertise in this dynamic medium will give you access to a highly receptive audience, dramatically leveraging your sales and enquiries.


  • We specialise in running paid campaigns that brings a clear return on investment.
  • Our experts can create contact that actually engages your followers
  • We give you forecasts and timeframes for the results you can expect
  • Your campaigns are continuously tracked, monitored and refined
  • We offer a bespoke training service to bring our effective social media campaigns in-house

Your target audience are all on social media. We can get you in front of them and make the right impression.

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