Standing out in a crowded marketplace is critical to your online business success. If the target audience for your products or services can’t find you quickly and easily, they’ll go elsewhere.

We’re different.

Our experienced SEO consultants?will assess the competition for each identified keyword and forecast how long it will take to achieve results. If it fits within a time frame that is profitable for your business, we will include it in your campaign.

We’re about SEO that generates revenue.

If the keyword is too competitive for your budget, we’ll tell you up front. We won’t promise you anything we can’t deliver. We can deliver higher visibility on search results and a healthy return on your online investment.

You can be confident in our services.

As you can see from our case studies, our SEO specialists have a proven track record of achieving improved and sustainable rankings for our UK and international clients.

Why choose Fountain for your SEO?

  • Completely transparent service
  • Proven track record of success
  • Numbers driven and commercially aware
  • We give you forecasts and time frames
  • Our link-building adheres to Google’s quality guidelines and doubles as PR for your brand.

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