We Are Now A Google Premier Partner Agency

This morning we received the excellent news that our Google partner status has been upgraded to Premier, a new category that recognises agencies responsible for large media spends and who demonstrate substantial client revenue growth.




As Google put it, it’s an exciting new recognition that is reserved for our most valued agencies?.

As well as reflecting the depth of our AdWords expertise, our premier partner status also grants us access to:

  • The latest BETAs
    Clients can trial new advertising channels and find profitable new ways of reaching their target audience before their competitors.
  • Export Potential Analysis
    Google can assess whether expansion into foreign markets is a profitable option for a client.
  • Competitor Benchmarking for New Clients
    Google will enhance Fountain’s strategy development process by analysing the digital presence of new clients’ online competitors.

Fountain is also able to provide a higher level of customer support:

  • As one of the top UK agencies Fountain has access to 3 agency support liaisons and instant access to expert advice from Google’s Pinnacle Support Team for ultra-fast trouble shooting.

We are excited about the opportunity to put these new features into effect and continue to squeeze the most ROI from every click our clients campaigns generate. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about our AdWords services and how they can underpin a profitable digital marketing strategy.

29 June 2016

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