Selling The Next Step: Adwords Remarketing Explained

“Those ads that follow you around?” are an effective and affordable way of bringing prospects back into the sales funnel, and have the positive side-effect of boosting brand awareness.

A Remarketing campaign works by showing an ad on other websites to anyone who has been on your website within a specified timeframe e.g the last 14 days.









You can create lists of people depending on the actions they’ve completed on your website. These lists can then be shown ads with specific calls to action, encouraging them to take the next step, or reminding them of the unique benefits of the product or service they were searching for.

With clicks that cost as little as 25p and the potential for hundreds of free views, this is an excellent strategy for building your brand online.

After adding a remarketing tag to your website or app, you can define certain types of visitor, based on actions they’ve taken or pages they’ve visited on your site and add them to remarketing lists using list rules and custom parameters. Find out more about this here.

Finally build separate campaigns for each list, creating custom ads to show them offers or details relevant to the pages they were viewing.

Typical remarketing strategies feature ads that look like a product listing for something a user has already viewed, like a new laptop or a pair of shoes. Some offer deals or highlight discounts, and the majority lead the user back to the page they originally visited.

But, in more complex situations involving expensive products or long term financial commitments, e.g. software or franchising, presenting an alternative conversion action can improve returns.

For example, if a visitor has viewed the benefits of investing in a franchise, they can be remarketed to with ads that publicise the franchisor’s information events, open days, a free information pack etc.

We call this “selling the next step”, and seeking to answer questions and address concerns is often a more effective approach to warming a lead when a product or service engages them in serious financial decision making.

In a competitive sector with a high cost-per-acquisition, remarketing to custom audiences is a budget-friendly strategy which provides a visitor with a useful ‘nudge’ to return to your site and keep your brand at the front of their mind.


Category: PPC, Strategy
22 March 2016

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