New Google Shopping Features for 2016

Here are of some of the Google Shopping service enhancements wea€?ll be offering this year:





  • An Improved Mobile Shopping Experience
    Ecommerce clients will benefit from some updates to how their product listings appear in mobile search. With 40% of UK smartphone users looking up product information at least once a week, the changes should result in better qualified leads as user experience is improved.
  • Opportunities for More Traffic
    With new feature ‘click share by device’, Google lets us see how far away your product listings are from achieving the maximum possible number of clicks, and therefore which improvements will drive traffic.
  • Higher Conversion Rates with Shopping Remarketing Lists (RSLAs)
    Our account managers can now customise shopping campaign bids for users who have already visited their clienta€?s site. The CPA for a conversion via a customised bid is 35% lower on average and there is a 10% average conversion rate increase for advertisers using RSLAs, compared with those who do not.
  • Expand Abroad with Ease
    In the next three months, Google will begin to facilitate international shopping by enabling merchants to provide foreign currency prices. You can reuse your existing domestic shopping feed and currency to reach users abroad without having to do any conversion yourself.
  • Increase Footfall
    Drive users to your physical store with new Local Inventory ad formats, including top banners on mobile and improved local ad targeting.Our PPC experts are happy to answer any questions you might have:
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Category: PPC
22 January 2016

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