Fountain Selected for Google Partners Business Coaching Programme

An Exciting Development for 2016






Fountain are proud to contribute to Norwich’s growing identity as a tech-hub though our selection as one of Google’s top 31 digital marketing agencies nationwide, and the only representative from Norfolk to be invited to attend their Partners Business Coaching Programme.

The programme focuses on helping agencies to grow and achieve their goals, and our inclusion is the result of two phases of selection:

  • Fountain were one of 250 chosen from 30,000 digital agencies to be part of the Google Elevator Programme in 2015. This recognises the top performing agencies using Google products to get the best possible return from their clients’ marketing spend.
  • The best performing of the Elevator agencies were then invited to participate in the Google Partners Business Coaching Programme.

As one of the 31 top Elevator agencies, in January Fountain were invited to attend the programme which takes place throughout 2016 and is run by business growth mentor Robert Craven of the Directors’ Centre.

The programme provides digital media agencies with valuable new growth insight gathered from research and case studies of industry leaders. Fountain’s Strategic Director Laura Jennings has already attended the first of three day-long training events at Google’s HQ in London, taking part in group workshops, team challenges, lectures and one-to-one coaching with Robert Craven.

“The level of detail means after one day of coaching, we’ve already got a list of actionable points. We’re hoping to use what we learn from the programme to streamline our agency processes and therefore generate even greater returns on our clients’ marketing investment.”

Competing successfully against industry heavyweights, we attribute our success to the depth of understanding we have about how Google products interact with each other, a focus on accuracy, transparency and the ability to quickly implement new developments to our clients’ campaigns, giving them the edge against other advertisers in their sector.

The latter is why it’s important to be a top Google Partner agency, as not only do we learn about new developments well in advance of their release, allowing us to prepare their implementation, but Google has also allocated us a mentorship team who are on hand when we have questions and occasionally visit us at our Norwich premises.

Laura returns to Google HQ in early April for the next event, which focuses on sales and marketing.




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29 March 2016

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