Digital Marketing and Generation Z: Insight from Fountain work experience student Maggie Barton

Last week the Fountain team were joined by work experience student Maggie Barton who got hands-on with Digital Marketing and discovered how it affects her everyday browsing experience.

We asked her about the way she uses the internet and how she thinks digital marketing impacts her demographic. True market research obviously requires a large volume of respondents to generate statistically valid information, but Maggie’s thoughts provide an interesting insight into Generation Z’s online decision making:

Digital Marketing and How It Affects Teenagers







I’m Maggie Barton and I am 16 years old, carrying out my lower sixth work experience with Fountain for one week. Previous to this week, I used the internet completely oblivious to the way it was ordered. Since then, I have learnt why I see the things that I do when I use Google search.

Personally, when I search for things on the internet, I hardly bother going to the second page of results, and I think many people are the same. This, I have learnt, is why digital marketing is so important. It’s only logical that the results higher up on the pages gain more attention. It’s important for my age group, because we don’t know about marketing, in our opinions anything past page 2 probably isn’t worth our time. This is why SEO is so important; companies that use SEO are much more likely to get more traffic from users of a young age, as we are typically more impatient. The more relevant and popular sites very much influence the use from teenagers. So after this week I now know why this SEO is very important to businesses.

Additionally, teenagers are very easily influenced by ads. The implication that something could be popular (for example, the frequency of an ad) can create interest, and even if people don’t directly access a site by the ad, they may search for it manually because of seeing it. I think there is a lot of caution for ads from teenagers; people are reluctant to click on ads because of an underlying fear of viruses, even if they are Google certified. Otherwise, young people are very impressionable and marketing is extremely effective on us all, in my opinion.

Even if we are unaware of the digital marketing going on behind our browsing, it’s silently affecting the decisions we make. And I think it is very little known, but it is extremely effective towards my age group. That’s me speaking for others, but I don’t think I’m so different from most internet users my age.

27 July 2016

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