At Work with Digital Marketing Apprentice Roisin Delaney

Apprentice Roisina€?s digital marketing career has had an excellent start as she has steadily accumulated skills ranging from office administration to technical aspects of campaign management since joining Fountain in May 2015, completing portfolios and training courses alongside her day-to-day work.

In November 2015, Roisin was awarded the SynchDevelopHer??Award for best apprentice, celebrating women in the technology industries and proving the workplace is perfect for enabling professional development for those who choose not to go into higher education.








Primarily focussed on digital marketing administration, as Roisina€?s familiarity with internal processes and Google products increases she will be able to make an informed decision on which area to focus on in the future.

A Day at Work, by Roisin Delaney

With todaya€?s technology forever developing, more and more young people are getting to grips with these advancements and are using them to their advantage. Young people like myself love technology, and we will happily use it in our daily lives. This is why I enjoy my job role. Ia€?m the Digital Marketing Apprentice here at Fountain, which means I am constantly surrounded by new and developing technologies. Not every day is the same for me, which means Ia€?m constantly on my toes.

To begin my day I normally arrive in the office at 8:30 am, this allows me to set-up for the day ahead. During this time I will look up blogs and news articles about changes in technology and how it will effect myself and my work, for instance changes in Googlea€?s ad policy are one of the things I look out for. Following this, most people arrive at around 9:00 am, this is when they will start assigning tasks to me depending on the projects they have on.

Some of the tasks will take longer than others; it depends on how big the client is. For this article Ia€?ll use an example of a day where I had a variety of tasks to do.?? To begin with I needed to create some LinkedIn campaigns for one of the clients, this involved creating ads, gathering the copy and imagery for the ads and creating tracking codes for us to accurately track this campaign.

Next I was assigned to do an SEO rank check, this involves me using a neutral browser and searching targeted keywords to track the rate of our clients and their competitors. With these numbers, I input them into a spreadsheet to track the ranking over time, if there is a dynamic fall or rise in rankings the SEO consultants will be notified immediately.

To finish the day, I had to apply labels to our current Google AdWords Campaigns. Labels allow us to track changes we are applying to the campaign.


Roisin is an ambassador for 3aaa apprenticeships. For more information on the opportunities they offer visit

24 March 2016

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