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How We Helped Estate Agency Franchise Ewemove

  • 620% Conversion Rate Increase

  • 79% Cost Per Lead Reduction Over 5 Months

620% Increase In Conversion Rate

Fountain was approached by EweMove to increase the conversion rate of the branch landing pages with the long-term view to start sending paid search traffic to generate leads for instructions. Their in-house team had run a small trial but leads were costing well over £100 and the conversion rate was less than 1%.

Fountain’s CRO and PPC specialists worked together to produce in in-depth document that worked through our 8-point CRO methodology but also delved into local and national competitors in order to assess how their user experience differed. Fountain then designed a wire-frame template for the web developers to follow.

The result was a substantial conversion rate increase of 620%, with the website now at 8.9% (February 2015) and leads are being generated from AdWords, Bing & Facebook at a cost per lead of less than £10.


Our campaigns and landing pages are currently running on 36 branches with an additional 8 new branches added every quarter. Visit?their estate agency franchise website to find out more about the UK’s fastest growing property business franchise.

“Fountain Partnership are the bedrock of our business. Since their involvement, our profits have sky rocketed. They did not deliver on their promises, they went far, far beyond. Would I recommend them? Without any hesitation whatsoever.”

Glenn Ackroyd, CEO.

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Service Breakdown

  •   CRO
  •   PPC

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