The Centre for the Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science is the UK's leading and largest centre for applied marine and freshwater science.

They advise the UK government on the environmental impact of their policies, programmes and activities through marine evidence and impartial expert advice.

An agency of Defra, Cefas has an increasing requirement to bring in income won competitively from the private sector, and engaged Fountain’s copywriting services in order to communicate the benefits of their scientific services to an informed yet non-technical audience.

For their new commercial website, Fountain recommended a trusted third party developer to bring to life Cefas’ vision of quality and clarity in both aesthetics and user experience.


Meanwhile, our talented senior copywriters engaged with the challenge of extracting salient information and using language that resonated with the informed audience, creating a bridge between Cefas’ scientific experts and the needs of their market.

The project depended on the careful organisation, categorisation and interpretation of a large volume of scientific writing, distilling information into web-friendly copy that retained all necessary detail and authority.

Cefas’ services emphasise an evidence-based approach which reflects our own company values, and we are proud to have effectively communicated this quality-oriented ethos though our work.




Service Breakdown

  •   Copywriting

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